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Haidara Foundation For Peace And Human Development

About The Foundation

  • Haidara foundation for peace and human development is a nonprofit foundation founded  May 21, 2017 in the Republic of Yemen, under the license of the ministry of social affairs number (24-2017).

    The foundation seeks achieving human development in every part of the society specially the marginalized through developing skills and directing it to serve the society and spreading law education and hosting seminars for the sake of informing the civilians of their guaranteed  rights and duties towards the nation as well as adopting small project to help the Yemeni society and achieving an income to keep the foundation running in performing its humanitarian message through a series of projects based on strong  studies to provide the society needs and coordinating with the local and international foundations and organizations which seeks to achieve similar goals.


Our Vision

  • Loyalty in work and responsibility in executing

  • Efective development and change to make a positive mark in society

  • Moral commitment and trancperecy values and using resources perfectly

  • Inventing and facing social challenges

  • Faith in the ability of others and thier own ability to cause positive changes in thier lives and societies

  • Respecting the cultural differences and intrests and benefits of the society

Our Goals

  • Conducting field surveys to observe and limit the issue and giving the right solutions

  • Providing humanitarian services for those damaged and in need from hunger, natural catastrophes and war

  • Contribution in fighting epidemics and improving the public health

  • Promoting development in all its kinds and taking care of the marginalized

  • Spreading the ideals of honesty and human rights and law education

  • Conducting field surveys to observe and limit the issue and giving the right solutions

  • Contact

    • Sana,a Zubairi.st - near the civil bank isaaq building -4th floor
    • 1-531462(967+)
    • 1-531469(967+)